Kia Seltos

2020 Launch of the all-new Seltos sub-compact SUV to South Asian Canadians

Kia Seltos 2020 campaign wins BRONZE in the Multicultural Online Film category at the #MarketingAwards2021.

Market Opportunity

Canadians of South Asian descent over index in subcompact SUV purchases according to research. 
This was an opportunity to increase Kia’s business through multicultural marketing efforts targeting this market segment. 
The goal was to develop an ethnically relevant campaign that will elevate Kia’s Seltos in the consideration set of South Asian Canadians when shopping for a subcompact SUV.

The Campaign

This 2020 campaign by Kia Canada for the Seltos sub-compact SUV targeting South Asian Canadians embraces the cultural nuances of South Asian consumers and also celebrates the idea of them being in control over their choices. It is best summarized in a phrase in Hindi  “Apni Marzi Ki Chaabi” which roughly translates to ‘The Key to ones choices’.

We created a new tagline “Apni Marzi Ki Chaabi” to resonate with the persona of the target audience as they view their own immigration and settlement journey in Canada of making new choices.

The words ‘Apni Marzi’ (Our Choices) personalizes the construct. ‘Ki Chaabi’ (The Key) is used as a category cue to further augment the range of Seltos’ smart features to choose from.

Mobile interstitial rich media creative.


The campaign over-delivered on its KPIs and created a highly engaged South Asian audience pool.

  • A total of 6.3 million impressions were delivered during this 6-weeks digital campaign
  • Average CTR at 1. 40%
  • Sales lift was notable during the campaign and post-campaign period (Aug-Oct 2020)


Online/Social Videos

In this online video spot, a joyous young South Asian is literally using his Kia Seltos to celebrate the moment of success – blasting his favourite ‘Bhangra’ music (traditional Punjabi folk music), later joined by his parents who seek moments to break into a dance-off.

Who needs to go to a party in the midst of a pandemic lockdown, when the party can begin in the driveway of your home!

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This 2nd online video spot captures roller coaster moments between a couple where the wife emotes multiple feelings from ‘being irate, to irritated, to forgiving, to forever together’ journey. And all these emotional shifts ride on the features of their new Seltos.

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Both the films use a core emotion that the protagonist expresses using their vehicle’s features and the brand enables this by being the key to their wishes. 

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