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2021 Kia EV - Greater Vancouver Dealers Ethnic Marketing Campaign

2021 Kia EV Retail Campaign (GVA)

Multicultural creative and media support for the South Asian & Chinese target in the Greater Vancouver Area (GVA) for creating awareness of Kia’s Green Vehicles lineup.

Creative Approach:

Stradigi delivered in-language (Punjabi, Mandarin & Cantonese) adaptations of the mainstream OLV (English) creatives.

This is primarily an awareness campaign and hence we maximized on promoting the video assets through ethnic TV, social and display networks, followed by retargeting based on retail offer to drive consideration.

We also capitalize on ethnic festive occasions occurring during the campaign period by promoting the retail offer:

Diwali – Nov. 4, 2021:

For South Asians in Canada, Diwali is the fourth largest shopping event. South Asians consider it an auspicious time to buy new things – clothes, jewelry, vehicles, home appliances, etc. in the 2-weeks leading up to Diwali.

Chinese Mid-Autumn (Moon) Festival – Sept. 21, 2021:

The Mid-Autumn Festival is the 2nd most important festival after Chinese New Year. Chinese people celebrate it by gathering for dinners, lighting paper lanterns, and enjoying mooncakes.

Creative Assets

0:30 mainstream (English) OLV:

0:15 mainstream (English) OLV:

English video creative promoted through the leading non-Punjabi South Asian television networks (Western Canada airing), as well as on display and social networks.

South Asian (English) landing page =>

PUNJABI 0:30 OLV (in-language adapt):

PUNJABI 0:15 OLV (in-language adapt):

Punjabi video creative promoted through the leading South Asian television networks (Western Canada airing), as well as on the display and social networks.

Punjabi landing page =>

CANTONESE 0:30 OLV (in-language adapt):

CANTONESE 0:15 OLV (in-language adapt):

MANDARIN 0:30 OLV (in-language adapt):

MANDARIN 0:15 OLV (in-language adapt):

Chinese video creative promoted through the leading Chinese television program network (Western Canada airing), as well as on the display and social (WeChat & Facebook) networks.

Landing pages: Traditional Chinese  |  Simplified Chinese

Streamed Video Ads in Display Banners

Innovative adaptive streaming video in display banners entirely removes many of the limitations set by legacy ad serving technologies. Ads load instantly, as soon as the ad space is in-screen, securing more ad views for every impression. No file size restrictions and the quality of the ad is automatically adapted to the user’s connection speed.

Using streamed-video-in-display banners allows for more precise targeting in a programmatic setting, and also it has different sizes, which can help better with optimization. Furthermore, these banners have lower cost per thousand impressions with the added engagement benefit of video.

Animated & Static Banners - Niro EV & Soul EV

WeChat Marketing

Maximized reach and engagement through WeChat sponsored article & banner through the 2 largest official accounts in GVA.

CLICK HERE to view full post with back translation.

Mobile Marketing

Leveraged ethnic foot-traffic data, in-market data, mobile apps usage, and rich media creative to reach and engage mobile audiences.

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