Kia Carnival

2021 Launch of the all-new Carnival Life Utility Vehicle (LUV) to South Asian & Chinese Canadians

This campaign won SILVER for Multicultural Online Film and BRONZE for Integrated Campaign at the #MarketingAwards2022.

The Opportunity

In the spring of 2021, Kia Canada launched the all new Carnival replacing the Sedona as it’s minivan entry. The Carnival blends the style and driveability of an SUV with the practicality of a minivan to create the world’s best vehicle for all types of families.

Data showed that this vehicle segment is appealing to large multi-generational multicultural families. 

Creative Idea:

Stradigi developed 3 original creatives that retained the mainstream brand position, but transcreated it to be more relevant and therefore more effective for South Asian and Chinese audiences.

We found that in order to resonate with this specific target audience, a new tagline was necessary. Therefore, we crafted the tagline “Family-wali LUV hai yeh!” – “This is family LUV (love)”.

This line was consistent with the brand positioning of the Carnival as a ‘Life Utility Vehicle (LUV)‘, and anchored on the reality that a vehicle that puts family love and togetherness at the centre would resonate strongly with this target audience.

Online/Social Videos

CONSUMER INSIGHT: South Asians don’t enjoy camping because of the discomforts it brings. While some parents, would camp for the first time to give their kids an experience, but will they continue to camp? The new ‘hero’ in the family allows them to comfortably incorporate this Canadian tradition to their family life. 

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CONSUMER INSIGHT: Children’s education is the single most important thing for South Asians and Chinese parents. They work and sacrifice, so that their children receive the best in terms of education. The graduation is one of the biggest events in their lives. Family members from all over gather to be part of the graduation event.

These 2 online video spots capture the reality of kids graduating in 2021. The film involves a double shoot with East Asian and South Asian families.

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