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2021 launch of the all-new Carnival Life Utility Vehicle (LUV) to South Asian & Chinese Canadians

This campaign won SILVER for Multicultural Online Film and BRONZE for Integrated Campaign at the #MarketingAwards2022.

Stradigi developed 3 original creatives that retained the mainstream brand position, but transcreated it to be more relevant and therefore more effective for South Asian and Chinese audiences.

We found that in order to resonate with this specific target audience, a new tagline was necessary. Therefore, we crafted the tagline “Family-wali LUV hai yeh!” – “This is family LUV (love)”.

This line was consistent with the brand positioning of the Carnival as a ‘Life Utility Vehicle (LUV)‘, and anchored on the reality that a vehicle that puts family love and togetherness at the centre would resonate strongly with this target audience.

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2021 Kia EV Retail Campaign (GVA)

Multicultural creative and media support for the South Asian & Chinese target in the Greater Vancouver Area (GVA) for creating awareness of Kia’s Green Vehicles lineup.

Stradigi delivered in-language (Punjabi, Mandarin & Cantonese) adaptations of the mainstream OLV (English) creatives.

This is primarily an awareness campaign and hence we maximized on promoting the video assets through ethnic TV, social and display networks, followed by retargeting based on retail offer to drive consideration.

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ENGLISH 0:30 Mainstream OLV:

CANTONESE 0:30 OLV (in-language adapt):

PUNJABI 0:30 OLV (in-language adapt):

MANDARIN 0:30 OLV (in-language adapt):


2020 launch of the all-new Seltos Sub-compact SUV to South Asian Canadians

This award-winning 2020 campaign by Kia Canada for the Seltos sub-compact SUV targeting South Asian Canadians embraces the cultural nuances of South Asian consumers and also celebrates the idea of them being in control over their choices. It is best summarized in a phrase in Hindi “Apni Marzi Ki Chaabi” which roughly translates to ‘The Key to ones choices’.

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Kia Seltos 2020 campaign wins BRONZE in the Multicultural Online Film category at the #MarketingAwards2021.

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