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Digital & Social Data mining using Data Science & Ai for consumer insights


The Opportunity:

Social data is a powerful new source of consumer insights

What if you could better understand true customer motivations – what they really think and feel – from their real actions versus what they say they might do?

Sure, traditional research studies or ethnographies can provide directional guidance. However, they’re more subjective since they’re based on answers to pre-defined questions with a small audience. We need deeper insights to understand real behaviours and drivers that propel businesses forward.

Fortunately, today, with people spending a lot of time online, sharing their opinions, locations, choices, commenting on topics, and much more, we can harness the organic conversations they are having online and actually use this as a proxy for doing physical ethnographic research.

We have the opportunity to mine millions of customer online conversations and do it in near real time faster, cheaper, and globally.

The Solution:

Using InsightsAi to gather and analyze structured & unstructured data

InsightsAi starts where social listening stops

We have collaborated with TDS AI Lab – a data science and artificial intelligence solutions provider, to introduce InsightsAi in Canada.

With InsightsAi, data scientists and artificial intelligence algorithms are able dissect millions of user generated multi-language content – unstructured text, images, videos – across social media, online public platforms, and enterprise-held proprietary data sources – and then use deep machine learning to simulate the process of strategic planners to accelerate and scale the analysis.

As a result, we can provide you with richer insights driven by artificial intelligence, natural multi-language understanding, and deep machine learning – at a speed, scale, cost-effectiveness, and objectiveness not typically achieved by traditional methods. You will gain a deeper grasp of your target audiences’ real motivations and uncover more realistic brand perceptions and white space opportunities.

The Benefits:

Extracting market research insights from social big data

With InsightsAi, your brand can take advantage of consumer conversations in any language and geography to uncover their mindsets.

You can now:

  • Mine millions of human conversations in near real-time
  • Get quicker insights at massive scale across any language
  • Gain a deeper grasp of your customers’ real motivations
  • Understand more realistic brand perceptions and aha moments
  • Leverage progressive strategies customized for your brand.

The Deliverables:

Cutting-Edge Technology: Using InsightsAi To Understand Consumers

You will gain a deeper understanding of how your consumers thinks and feels.

Analyzing the mindset behind and context of human behaviours helps sharpen understanding of consumer wants and needs to develop targeted product and engagement strategies.

A map of consumer journeys helps identify positive and negative hotspots, including possible gaps, thus enabling a brand to enhance the customer experience through the journey. This starts with awareness creation, through to purchase process, and
leading to advocacy.

Allows brands to identify homogeneous consumer groups, by recognizing key traits within them, which can lead to focused targeting.

Provide emotion-centric information from the subconscious, such as personal motivations, what is valued in a brand, what kind of communication is preferred and why, etc.

Our approach on behavioural segmentation helps identify specific sub-groups based on a mix of consumer traits such as preferences, importance of purchase parameters, dislikes, usage occasions, spending patterns, cultural context, and trends, combined with their subconscious/deep-rooted mindsets.

Create your own dashboard or use the TrendsAi platform that uses artificial intelligence and multiple data sources to predict the next big consumer trend in your industry.

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