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Ethnic Consumers

The Opportunity:

Growing Market Share with Multi-Ethnic Canadians

Canada welcomes over 1-million new multi-ethnic residents every year, including permanent residents, foreign workers, and international students.

More than 20% of the Canadian population are visible minorities (non-Caucasian in race or non-white in color). The majority of new immigrants come from Asia, particularly the Indian sub-continent, China, the Philippines, and the Middle East, with the share of immigration from Africa, the Caribbean, Central and South America growing too.

In many cities and suburbs across Canada, Asian-born residents form more than 50% of the population.

Over the next 10 years, approximately 70% of all growth in Canadian consumer spending will come from Asian consumers.

Brands looking for growth cannot ignore immigrants, their children, and the diverse ethnocultural groups that are growing rapidly, in both numbers and influence, in cities across Canada.

Our Work (Case Studies):

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This Kia campaign won SILVER for Multicultural Online Film and BRONZE for Integrated Campaign at the #MarketingAwards2022.

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The Challenge:

Marketing to multi-ethnic consumers is complex

With new ethnic consumers arriving from over 200 countries, speaking over 20 different languages, retaining a large part of their cultural identities, and consuming diverse media, brands are challenged with reaching and communicating with these consumers as mainstream messaging fails to reach or resonate with them.

To include these consumers in the communication mix requires understanding of their cultural nuances, native languages, and media consumption. 

Brands struggle with having the people, infrastructure, resources, and processes to develop marketing campaigns that are relevant and authentic to acquire these new consumers.

The Result: Ethnic consumers are either included in sporadic festival campaigns or entirely left out of the communications mix causing the brands miss out on the marketshare growth from this segment of the population.

The Solution:

We've Simplified Ethnic Marketing​ for Canadian brands

We deliver distinctive multicultural marketing strategies that will boost your brand. Our multicultural marketing services are geared towards maximizing your market share.

We believe that to be effective in multicultural marketing, brands must create culturally-relevant content, and to be culturally relevant, the content must reflect the culture(s) of the target audience.

We also pioneered MyCanadianLife – a digital ecosystem that delivers targeted engagement marketing to Canadian residents of all diversities, allowing your brand to deepen its connection and grow marketshare with multi-ethnic consumers.

We help you create and deploy agile campaigns in any language, inclusive of cultural insights, beliefs, and traditions with nurtured audiences who iteratively engage on the platform, thereby achieving higher return-on-engagement.

On the MyCanadianLife platform we deliver:

Insights-driven, multi-language ethnic campaigns run on the MyCanadianLife platform, resolving brands’ internal processes constraints and resource bottlenecks.

MyCanadianLife is an always-on platform with frequent, short sprint campaigns that constantly engage consumers and deliver true results.

Campaigns are developed by an experienced & multiculturally savvy team.

The MyCanadianLife digital ecosystem is a powerful marketing flywheel that generates ROI momentum with every campaign through highly nurtured audiences comprising over 2 million Canadian ethnic audiences.

The platform is equipped to enable brands quickly and easily create contests, giveaways, coupons, polls, quizzes, referral programs and more.

Our campaigns reach the most relevant target audiences through deep targeting on popular ethnic digital & social media channels.

Want To grow market share?

We execute best-in-class strategies, leveraging big data, artificial intelligence, state-of-the-art platforms, and automation to enable companies and brands grow market share and expand impact with multi-cultural consumers.

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