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We are focused on innovative growth-centric marketing that is inclusive of the diversity of consumers. We use technology-powered marketing that enables brands to adopt agile marketing, make smarter decisions, and have richer consumer engagement.

Andrew Srinarayan

Founder & CMO | digital, brand & multicultural marketing strategist

We live in a rapidly changing world which presents as many challenges as it does opportunities. The proliferation of new technologies and immigration have transformed customer behavior and disrupted marketplaces. As a result, marketing practices must also evolve.

My mission at STRADIGI is to harness new marketing technologies, strategies, deeper consumer insights, and processes to make marketing practices more productive and agile.  

Being person of mixed ethnicity (my father is Indian and my mother Chinese-Malaysian) and having lived and worked in 3 continents, I’m also obsessed with multicultural consumer behaviour. This deepened with my MBA in International Marketing & Strategy and my work in multicultural marketing in Canada for over 10 years.

I led innovation in the multicultural marketing space with the creation of the award-winning WelcomePack Canada newcomer program which helped brands grow marketshare with new Canadians. On this platform, I partnered with leading brands including Unilever, Kellogg, Reckitt Benckiser, Smucker’s, McCormick, General Mills, General Motors, Ford, H&R Block, RBC, CIBC, Rogers, Bell, McMaster University, MoneyGram, among others, to achieve great results together. 

As a diversity and digital marketing specialist, I bring insights into multicultural consumer behaviour, experience in marketing and strategy, coupled with my proficiency in a wide array of digital marketing platforms.

With advanced new learnings and certifications in digital marketing, analytics, automation, and artificial intelligence, I’m committed to innovative, game-changing approaches to marketing in the modern era.

We're Redefining How Brands Win With Consumers

Marketing in a digital world is much more than marketing through digital channels; it’s about mining new sources of customer data to develop deeper insights, leveraging analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize marketing activities, and harnessing new technology to make marketing practices more productive and agile.

Our marketing approach is powered by data, scaled by automation, optimized by analytics, and accelerated with agility.

Business impact from working with us

Gain Better Understanding of Your Brand Drivers

We help minimize your guesswork to make smarter decisions because we use a distinct AI-driven platform that analyzes real customer mindsets, emotions, and behaviours vs. traditional predefined studies

Adopt Modern, Agile Marketing Customized for Your Brand

We know the importance of customization which is why we designed cutting-edge agile solutions that give you flexibility to scale up or down, have cost-effective customer engagement, and make real-time optimizations

Leverage Strategies That Bring New Growth Opportunities

We recognize it’s getting harder to stand out and find new ways to grow, thus we’ve uniquely combined big data and innovative thinking to bring you white space growth strategies

Generate Superior, Measurable Results for Your Brand

We know brands need to deliver meaningful results which is why we created revolutionary solutions, including MyCanadianLife, for you to achieve higher return-on-engagement in the right way with the right customers

Our Solutions

We use technology-powered marketing that enables brands to adopt agile marketing, make smarter decisions, and have richer consumer engagement.

Mining social & digital data for consumer insights with Artificial Intelligence, Natural Multi-Language Understanding & Machine Learning technologies.

Simplifying multicultural marketing through an innovative engagement marketing platform driven by deeper connectivity with all Canadians.

Want To grow market share?

We execute best-in-class strategies, leveraging big data, artificial intelligence, state-of-the-art platforms, and automation to enable companies and brands grow market share and expand impact with multi-cultural consumers.

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